Participate In The Third Thursday Art Mingle

artmingle#TACOMAFM – Tacoma is uniquely different, in recent years offering an art scene which has developed into more of a mingling among diverse art destinations (museum, gallery, show space) citywide, and less of a close in proximity art walk. So much so, TAG and its membership represent a fresh approach to supporting and celebrating the collective strengths brought to Tacoma’s art community.

How do you participate in Tacoma’s 3rd Thursday Art Mingle? Art Mingle takes place each 3rd Thursday of the month at art destinations citywide. To post your visual or performing arts event, email your request to Send a brief description and your organization or event logo/image and link.

Tacoma’s 3rd Thursday Art Mingle destinations are located citywide. Use TAG’s interactive directory to explore art mingle destinations. If you are an art museum, gallery, art studio, or show space, organize your own 3rd Thursday Art Mingle event at your destination. Members can post details, blog interests, tweet, upload images at the TAG website. Email us at for set-up details.

Show spaces are any business merchant (coffee cafe, restaurant, bar, salon/barber shop, etc.) interested in showing/promoting emerging visual/performing artists. Email TAG at and share the details, and offer a link. We’ll be happy to promote what you’re doing!

The Art Mingle Passport is TAG’s premier key to accessing art opportunities in the City of Tacoma. The Passport is designed to bring a fresh awareness about current citywide art destinations in an effort to encourage and stimulate participation of the general public.

Here is how it works;

1) Visit one of the participating art mingle destinations to obtain your passport.
2) Plan an Arts outing and visit art mingle destinations on each 3rd Thursday.
3) Fill up your passport with stamps for a chance to win a prize.
4) Submit your completed passport at a participating art mingle destination for a collective raffle drawing at the end of each quarter.

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