TACOMA.FM was born in early 2009 with a simple mission - to create a radio station online completely focused on offering a unique mix of music, information, and entertainment all with a local twist. Our idea was an immediate success. Over the next decade TACOMA.FM continued to grow in both listening audience and community support.

When the pandemic hit in early 2020, along with so many others, it quickly became difficult for us to operate normally. No more in-studio music performances, in-person interviews or live DJ shows. Also gone were all of the opportunities to spend time in our community building relationships at the many local fairs, festivals, and events. The very things that had made us so successful from the beginning disappeared or were no longer possible. Along with that, we saw a major decline in financial support due to the Pandemic. At the same time, we faced dramatic increases in operational costs for music royalties, stream hosting and development, and other day to day expenses. It was time to take a step back.

On a positive note, this down time has given us the opportunity to look to the future and re-imagine the potential of TACOMA.FM for years to come. For the past several months we have been planning new programming and content opportunities, exploring ways that we can better connect and build relationships with our local community, and implementing new and better technology. We are currently updating and expanding our broadcast studios, developing a new website and new mobile apps, and expanding our social media platform.

One thing for sure, TACOMA.FM will be back soon and better than ever. Thanks to everyone for your continued support and enthusiasm for local radio.